b'Tooth FairiesWe love our teeth and can\'t wait until we get the big ones. Dr. Strachan helps us keep them really clean and white. She gives us toothbrushes so we can take over when we get home. We like to practice on some of the dolls she keeps here. Maybe we should be dentists when we grow up. Either that or tooth fairies.Both would be cool jobs.Dr. Davia Strachan, Pediatric Dentist, Specialty No. 4041South Orange Dental Center 481 South Orange Avenue, South Orange973-762-2660soorangedental@optonline.net southorangedentalcenter.comColor ConsultantArt class is my happy place because that\'s where I\'m allowed to stick my hands in wet paint and listen for the "goosh" sound as I swirl different colors around on the paper. I found out that I can make many shades of green just by changing how much blue and yellow I combine. Maybe I\'ll find the right color for my bedroom walls, but I think then I\'ll have to use a brush. Lacey Buccellato, Oh! Canary165B Valley Street, South Orange973-307-7401ohcanary.comJam LoverIt\'s awesome being back at music lessons. I\'ve missed jamming with my instructor and the other musicians here. And I always learn so much, whether it\'s perfecting a new drum beat, trying out some cool software or playing with another group of students. Yeah, we\'re still wearing masks and they say the air is cycled like a million times an hour (which is good), but everything else feels normal and sounds great. So i Heard Music10A E. Willow Street, Millburn977 Valley Road, #i, Gillette973-232-5111soiheardmusic.comkids\' space /25'