b"choosingtocontinuepracticinglawthese documents would be essay questions thought of by Campbell where he andpursueteachingfull-time.Nowould encourage students to show off and write as much as they could about longer dealing with timely court trials,thetopic,constantlyemphasizingtheconsiderationofallarguments.Mr. Campbell was able to continue withCampbell really wants to ensure that his students know the material front and his other teaching positions while ex- back, Jasper confirms. panding to high school. C a m p b e l l In 1996, Campbell arrived at CHS,wouldputour originally teaching U.S. History I andthoughts and ques-IIalongwithjudicialandlegislativetionsoverthesub-procedure classes. Practicing law wasject matter, pausing so similar to teaching that the mergerclass to let us speak of the two was natural and seamless,ourmind,recalls he says.former student Fio-SoonitwasclearthathisclassesnaBristol.Bristol operateddifferentlyfrommost.HehadCampbellfor allowed students to learn through theboth AP Compara-real world.tiveGovernment His style is different than any oth- Room A136, where Campbell did whatand Politics and AP er teacher Ive had because he brings ushe loved most: teaching. U.S.Government back to the basics by giving us assess- greatlyswayCampbell'sapproachand Politics. ments that quiz us on things like geog- to teaching. In boxes, rather than onOneofBristols raphy, grammar, and the preamble ofcomputer hard drives, Campbell con- favoritepartsof the Constitution, says former studenttinued storing original and photocop- Campbellsclasses Bella Jasper.iesofnewspapers,textbookpages,washisprioriti-These teaching methods remainedquizzes,maps,newspapers,andcasezationofcurrent true throughout Campbells two andstudies to reference in class, many ofevents over the cur-a half decades of teaching. Technolo- which were dated far before any of hisriculum,ThatsStepping inside room A136 could seem overwhelming with its hodgepodge of boxes of worksheets, bookshelves full of gies that became staples in classroompresent students were born.wheneverythingmiscellaneous dictionaries and law books, maps, globes, a teachingduringhiscareerdidnotOftenscribbledatthebottomofwe were learning inliberty scale, and other knickknacks.THRIVING TOGETHERFeel a sense of belonging from a supportive and welcoming communityCELEBRATING CHALLENGE INSPIRING INTEGRITYDevelop a genuine love of learningAchieve personal growth through and delight in discovery character-based educationSee how Newark Academy is REIMAGINING RIGORMiddle School OPEN HOUSE: Upper School OPEN HOUSE:AT T E N DANOPENH O USE Sunday, October 17 Saturday, October 30newarka.edu/visit Sunday, November 14 Saturday, November 20feature story /29"