b"Karate KidsKarate class is the best! We have to really concentrate when Sensei teaches us moves like stances, punches, blocks, and kicks. And when we get them right he gives us belts with a different color. The best part is at the end when we get to jump over the pole or crawl on our bellies. Our parents say class helps get our wiggles out and makes us better listeners. But for us, it's just fun.Shihan Durand Howard, Blue Life Karate, 1882 Springfield Avenue Maplewood908-967-8132 bluelifekarate.comLollipop ExpertI've been going to Village Barbers for a really long time. My dad says this is where I got my first haircut and I didn't even crymaybe because I knew I'd be getting a lollipop. I just sat on that booster seat and watched my hair fall on the floor. I'm 8 years old now and big enough to choose pineapple, my favorite lollipop flavor. When I'm grown up and still coming here to get my hair cut, I wonder.will they still let me have a lollipop? Bernie VerlingoVillage Barbers, 167 Maplewood Avenue, Maplewood 973-763-4710villagebarbersnj.comLead DancerI've always liked to dance, but here I'm learning from the pros. My teachers are working artists! Maybe I should be scared because they're so good, but there's no judgement here. Just really great teaching, stories about what it's like to dance professionally, and lots of lessons about working hard to be our very best. Another great thing? I've made some good friends who love dance as much as I do. Debbie Rembert, Concepts Dance Academy50 S. Orange Avenue, 2nd floor, South Orange973-762-7709theconceptsdanceacademy.com26/ matters magazine / school 2021"