b"Kids SpaceOur towns are great places for families, with many spaces that cater to children. Take a look at some of our local kid-friendly businesses.Fantasy IslanderWait! Is this for real? Because I've just found my wonderland where I can be my goofy, creative self while learning all about Broadway theatre.how to act, sing, and dance. Plus, we play a lot of games and I'm making friends with a bunch of other kids who like to do the same things as me. We're working on our parts now so we'll be ready to perform in front of an audience. Wow, do I love this world! Becky Fisher, Little Apple ArtsThe Woodland, 60 Woodland Road, Maplewoodlittleappleartstheatre@gmail.com littleapplearts.comPersonal ShopperWhen one of my friends is having a birthday, I know I'm going to get their present at Sparkhouse Toys. Where else? I'm really good at picking out a gift they're going to love.First, because I choose whatever I would like and, second, because practically everything here is a contender. My only problem is that it's hard to part with the gift because I love it so much. Michael Casaren, Sparkhouse Toys9 Village Plaza, South Orange973-821-5227sparkhousellc@gmail.com24/ matters magazine / school 2021"