b'AS THE HECTIC SCHOOL YEAR APPROACHES. Let Us Do the Heavy LiftingCombing the Housing Inventory for the Perfect Fit, Sales Strategies, Marketing Campaigns & Personalized AttentionThis Makes Our Team & Our Technology THE BEST!Ellen DeCicco // Realtor Peter PJ DeCicco // RealtorAmy Lutz // Realtor Kai DuBose // Realtor Camille Estrella // Realtor Dennis Hepworth // Broker AssociateAgent Leadership Council*Mark Mattheiss // Realtor Douglas Huebner // Realtor Kimberly Kim Kelly // Realtor Thomas McCauley // Realtor Michelle Navarette // Realtor Robert Northfield // Broker AssociateAgent Leadership Council*Anne Servitto // Realtor Mark Slade // Realtor MaryCeu Nunes // Broker Associate Cory Marks // Realtor Carol Velez-Fardin // Realtor Joanne Watkins // RealtorAgent Leadership Council* Agent Leadership Council* Agent Leadership Council**TheAgentLeadershipCouncilis selectedfromthetop20%ofagents inouroffice.Thisdynamicboardof directorsisactivelyinvolvedinthe leadershipdecisionsthatmakethe officemoreproductiveandprofitable. Phyllis Taylor // Broker Associate &Nekita Martins // Broker Associate &Reed Kean // Octavio Mendes //Our Productivity Coach Team Leader Operating Principal, Realtor Broker of Record Keller Williams Mid-Town Direct will take your career to the next level. Our new Team Leader, Nekita Martins, leading-edge technology, robust, in-house training and the highestlevel of support to grow your business is what makes us the RIGHT CHOICE, RIGHT NOW .973.762.5400 | 181 Maplewood Ave. | Maplewood | kwmtdr.comEach office is independently owned and operated.'