22 / matters magazine / fall 2018 HOORAY FOR OUR WONDER WOMEN! Matters Magazine is celebrating the heroic strengths and successes of WONDER WOMEN: the business leaders in our midst. Learn about their SUPERPOWER TRAITS that help them succeed in business. Ivey Prusinowski 2040 Millburn Avenue, Suite 205, Maplewood 201-207-7268 | mindsettx.com SUPERPOWER TRAIT: Putting people at ease I practice psychotherapy that focuses on the clients to help them understand their circumstances and behavior so they can ultimately become their best selves. It's natural for clients to be anxious when they first come in, but I help put them at ease by offering a safe and supportive environment to face their struggles. My favorite moments are when clients gain insight to what's been holding them back. I like to think that's their gateway to reclaiming their lives. MINDSET PSYCHOTHERAPY CENTER Dawn Morano 63 Second Street, South Orange 973-762-9100 | dawnopticians.com SUPERPOWER TRAIT: Connects with all ages It's hard for me to put into words something that is so natural for me, but I've always been able to communicate with anyone, regardless of age. That ability has helped me during my 34 years in business because it allows me to give personalized service. I'm a licensed New Jersey optician so people come to me to be fitted for glasses. I have to ask my clients some questions such as their needs for glasses (driving, reading, etc.) so I can advise them. Oftentimes they will share stories and become friends. But ultimately, my clients are grateful that a professional has taken the time to listen and provide the eyewear solutions necessary. DAWN OPTICIANS BY ELLEN DONKER PHOTOS BY JAMIE MEIER DESIGN BY MELANIE FINNERN