feature story / 33 feature story / 33 feature story / 33 Laurie Zlotnick 201-401-0180 | fiercefemales.us SUPERPOWER TRAIT: Catalyst With a day job in technology sales in a male-dominated industry, I needed to get some female perspectives on some issues. So two years ago, I created a Facebook group called Fierce Females, invited 20 friends to join and ended up starting an ongoing conversation with 1200-plus members. Fierce Females is now a member- based organization and the group has not only given women a platform for voicing workplace issues, but it's created networking opportunities, operated as a think tank to help women start their own businesses, sponsored events on relevant topics and connected women to new employment. I am thrilled that Fierce Females has become an organization for empowering women in so many ways that matter. UBS Private Wealth Management 212-649-8070 | lauren.mirman@ubs.com SUPERPOWER TRAIT: Endlessly resourceful My job as a financial advisor encompasses so much more than you might expect. I look at my clients holistically to ensure I fully understand their financial picture, and then create a customized solution with the right resources. I'll ask if they've created an estate plan, how they plan to transfer wealth to future generations, what type of insurance they carry, and more. Clients come to me for a variety of reasons but it usually involves a transition – the birth of a child, a marriage, the sale of a business, or they simply need a financial plan to understand what their retirement will look like. My team and I ensure that every client receives the same level of personal service and customized solutions to meet their needs. I strive to be their trusted advisor, asking hard and thoughtful questions to ultimately design the right plan to manage each family's financial well-being. FIERCE FEMALES LAUREN MIRMAN Natalie M. Thigpen 121 Chanlon Road, New Providence 908-977-9501 | summithealthmanagement.com SUPERPOWER TRAIT: Devising creative solutions I love strategizing and problem solving. As the vice president of marketing and communications for the company that provides management services for Summit Medical Group, that's a big part of my job. I'm responsible for branding, messaging and all of SMG's print, online, web and video communications. To achieve the organization’s goals, I do a lot of listening to gather information about varying points of view. While it may be easier to jump to a quick solution, getting to the right one requires dialogue, strong relationships and an ability to assess. We’ve recently expanded into Arizona and Oregon, and that's a great opportunity to adapt our successful model in new markets. SUMMIT HEAL TH MANAGEMENT