26 / matters magazine / fall 2018 Keller Williams Midtown Direct 181 Maplewood Avenue, Maplewood 917-657-8800 | JillSockwell.com SUPERPOWER TRAIT: Magnetism I love that an important part of my job as Senior Sales Associate on The Robert Northfield Team is to attract people. It's something that comes naturally to me and, combined with my background in marketing and advertising, I'm able to bring amazing people to our towns. I'm also a connector, putting groups together (I created the Maplewood Divorce Club in 2013, now 150 members strong, to help women get support and advice during such a challenging transition), and I love to spread good energy wherever I go. JILL SOCKWELL Claudia Aarts-Schreiber 178 Maplewood Avenue, Maplewood 973-377-7070 | ChaiseFitness.com/nj SUPERPOWER TRAIT: Keep it personal I make an effort to get to know every face that comes into my studio in Madison and I can't wait to do it when my Maplewood location opens in early 2019. Knowing my clients helps me understand their abilities so I can adjust levels or push them to achieve a milestone they thought they'd never reach. This helps my clients gain a sense of accomplishment and to feel empowered as they experience the joy of movement. Janine Garubo Austin 174 Maplewood Avenue, Maplewood 973-762-1212 | anthonygarubosalon.com SUPERPOWER TRAIT: Unifier As the managing partner of the salon and Anthony’s daughter, I'm so proud of how my father grew the salon during the past 40-plus years. Now, my mission is to map out the next chapter, to evolve the business forward and remain a positive reflection of our dynamic community. I’m driven by an insatiable curiosity about people so I can understand, empathize and connect with them. That helps me inspire trust and foster the talent of our staff in a collaborative and supportive environment so we can deliver the best experience for everyone who walks in our doors. I’d like the enduring legacy of this shop to be a force even beyond our doors - unifying the needs of our community with the support of local businesses. ANTHONY GARUBO SALON CHAISE FITNESS Coming Soon!