32 / matters magazine / fall 2018 Hearth Realty Group 14 South Orange Avenue #1R, South Orange 917-757-3287 | movewithgreenberg.com SUPERPOWER TRAIT: Deep knowledge of our towns As the first realtor to join Hearth Realty Group in South Orange and someone who grew up and is raising a family here, I am excited to put my knowledge and passion for South Orange to work. That's why I've accepted an offer to be an Ambassador for the South Orange Master Plan. This position will allow me to represent the needs of local families and businesses. With Hearth Realty Group, a boutique indie real estate agency that brings technology innovation to the industry, I can provide my clients – both residential and commercial – with service-focused local expertise beyond the transaction and the flexibility I've always wanted to offer. With each client, I'm responsive and involved in every detail so, in the end, I can have a meaningful impact on my community. Lennor Kurjah & Stephanie Kemp 9 Village Plaza, South Orange 973-821-5227 | @sparkhousetoys SUPERPOWER TRAIT: Bringing happiness As a local toy store, we specialize in being the go-to place for the best toys and books, stocking favorites and the latest trends. Our favorite moments are when we make kids laugh or surprise them with some cool new thing. We often act as personal shoppers when moms, dads or grandparents need to buy a present by matching the child's age and interests to what we think he or she would like. We even field calls from people who have run out of time and ask us to choose a particular gift for a child. We'll wrap it and, if need be, do a hand off curbside. It's really wonderful to be able to bring happiness to so many people. SPARKHOUSE JENNIFER GREENBERG Dancette Pratts 1634 Springfield Avenue, Maplewood 973-761-7236 | inspirationaldance.com SUPERPOWER TRAIT: Never giving up I've always worked hard and had a passion for constantly improving. Growing up, I didn't have much but my parents encouraged me to never give up and to work hard until I reached my goals. Bette White, who owned the dance studio where I was a student, was my mentor and her instruction and belief in me led me to dance professionally for 10 years. In 2007, I bought the studio and she showed me the ropes, especially from a business perspective. I see about 300 students each year and my vision is to nurture their successes, see my studio continue to grow and have an impact on my students that goes beyond dance. INSPIRATIONAL DANCE