feature story / 31 feature story / 31 Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage 145 Maplewood Avenue, Maplewood 917-586-3018 | LaskowskiAndCo.com SUPERPOWER TRAIT: Unfailingly friendly I'm that person who will smile at you in the street if you look the slightest bit familiar. I enjoy putting myself out there because it's important for me to connect with others and make them feel at ease. That trait translates well to real estate because most people want to work with someone who makes them feel important. This, coupled with my confident and cheerful disposition, makes the buying and selling process much more enjoyable. Professionalism is also important to me as well as providing premium service, whether it means rolling up my sleeves to help with house prep or meeting clients at odd hours. My business is about meeting the needs of each particular client. Jamie Meier @livelovelens | livelovelens.com SUPERPOWER TRAIT: Engaging people I've always enjoyed connecting with people in many walks of life. It's why I became a social worker as my first career. Now as a photographer, this trait is invaluable as it allows me to bring a fun and relaxed atmosphere to my photo shoots. I want people to really be themselves and feel comfortable. When I'm capturing children, I'm running around being silly with them. With teens, I'm talking about their interests in a casual way. And during head shots, we're laughing and joking. It's these connections that lead to images that are genuine, fun, and cherished for a very long time. (photo credit: Erica Moffitt, Naki Studios) LIVE LOVE LENS PHOTOGRAPHY ANN LASKOWSKI Alma Victor 2 Depot Plaza, Maplewood 973-313-3100 | stayndcolor.com SUPERPOWER TRAIT: Intuition I can trust I've always been good at reading people and understanding what they need. It's a skill that has served me well both with my clients and my staff. As my relationships have deepened with my clients, they've learned they can trust me to give them a great cut or color, choose a stylist that's best for them and always act with integrity. My staff have also noticed that I will always try to do the right thing, that I act with generosity and am a good and fair employer. Many of them have been with me for the four years I've owned this business and by now they're like family. STAYND COLOR