feature story / 25 Keller Williams - Pollock Properties Group 518 Millburn Avenue, Short Hills 917-723-4006 | pollockpropertiesgroup.com SUPERPOWER TRAIT: Staying accountable In everything we do, my team and I strive to put others first. We hold ourselves accountable to the goals of our clients, as well as our principles and values. Besides being the right thing to do, it allows us to focus on our mission: using our God-given talents to serve our clients and see our community thrive. We focus on that rather than profits and it is absolutely freeing because it takes self-interest out of the equation and replaces it with what's best for our clients and community. This plays out by giving honest counsel throughout the real estate process, educating our clients, making solid relationships and leaving a legacy of care in our community. For us, that is what true success is all about. Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine 108 Baker Street, Maplewood 917-292-7226 | carolineradice.com SUPERPOWER TRAIT: Juggling I spent years in school and you'd think I'd be done by now, but I love to learn. Besides running my acupuncture practice and running a household with a husband and two teenagers, I teach, earn more certifications (I recently completed my dermatology certification) and continually expand my knowledge base. I couldn't pursue all of this if I weren't intentional in what I take on and able to juggle a thousand details, but I also know my limits and practice the self-care I preach to all of my clients. CAROLINE RADICE VANESSA POLLOCK Lisa Jasinski, Direct Services Staff 102 Prospect Street, South Orange 973-762-0811 | jespy.org SUPERPOWER TRAIT: Hearing what's unsaid In order to know what's really going on with our JESPY House clients we have to look beyond their words. We use all of our senses to determine how clients are faring whether it be in their jobs, or with their finances, relationships, budget, housing or other aspects of their lives. Using our keen observation skills, we've learned how to ask the right questions and find appropriate solutions to do what's best for our clients no matter if it's in areas of clinical services, vocation, recreation, or case management. JESPY HOUSE