4 / matters magazine / fall 2018 contents Matters Vol. 28 Issue 6 Fall 2018 The Magazine of Maplewood and South Orange since 1990, featuring Local People, Places and Things that Matter. in this issue 10 YouthNet Ten Years Later maplewood woman casts a wide net for the district's youth 13 A Time for Reinvention the maplewood chamber of commerce becomes a modern force 14 Striking Opportunity for JESPY Bowler jane clark chosen for special olympics world games 20 A Proven Partnership a successful studio expands its footprint 22 Wonder Women superpower traits that build business success 36 Kitchen Therapy nourish body and mind with the simple act of making soup 38 Open House open house schedules and advice from our private schools and preschools 42 Inconceivable maplewood family heals with community 46 Laughing at Us and With Us graphic novel gently spoofs the liberal elite M A G A Z I N E 46 30 in every issue My Balancing Act 6 finding work that matters Local Matters 7 around the towns Finding Home 18 working with rena spangler Shopping Matters 40 strong and powerful Book Report 41 library picks on all things female Resource Guide 52 local sources Final Matters 54 a place to vent 14 42 36