feature story / 27 feature story / 27 Barbara Lawrence, Keller Williams Midtown Direct, 181 Maplewood Avenue, Maplewood 973-885-7745 | NJPropertySisters.com SUPERPOWER TRAIT: Attention to detail As one-half of the Property Sisters (my sister services the Montclair area), I am a bottom-line person who knows how to get things done. When I meet with a client, I listen carefully so I understand their needs and then offer my honest assessment regarding their purchase or sale. During the process, I pay meticulous attention to detail, anticipate possible problems and employ all my design and visual skills. I'm a bit obsessive about this! This includes showing a seller’s house so it attracts attention and generates strong buyer interest, or envisioning how a house might become a buyer’s new home. I am responsive to my clients’ needs and always have their interests top of mind. Audrey Byram 973-727-8902 | LiceHappens.com SUPERPOWER TRAIT: A calming presence Helping a family deal with a lice situation is more than just removal. When I go to a home, the family is usually stressed and sometimes embarrassed. Besides treating the problem, I educate families, provide comfort and debunk common myths. By the time I leave they're feeling at ease, in control, armed with facts and knowhow. And because it takes time and persistence to comb out every last nit, I get to know the family and play some old favorites with the kids like 20 questions and I SPY. I've even been known to help with homework. I find it very rewarding to see a family be restored to sanity! LICE HAPPENS PROPERTY SISTERS Holland Grumieaux 917-328-1469 | BansonNYC.org SUPERPOWER TRAIT: Making dreams come true Giving high school and college students tours to gain insight into the fashion industry is rewarding beyond measure. I take them to showrooms to meet designers, sales managers, production managers and merchandising executives while giving them an insider's view of New York City. By introducing them to various careers in fashion, I get to serve as mentor, tour guide, and connector, directly impacting their career path. Seeing students land fashion internships or employment makes it all worthwhile. BANSON NYC