28 / matters magazine / fall 2018 Amy Rind 163 Maplewood Avenue, Maplewood 908-447-2017 | tableminded.com SUPERPOWER TRAIT: Helping women reclaim their health I'm able to connect with women who are overwhelmed by health symptoms so they can take back their lives. I was once that person, riddled with anxiety and digestive issues, because I wasn't making my health a priority. My journey led me to become a nutrition counselor so I could help other women address the issues that get in the way of living a full life. When women come to me with symptoms that are stress or hormone-related – depression, weight, digestive, menopausal, and more – I work with them to make practical changes to diet and lifestyle so they can get back to being their best selves, and be their own superhero! TABLE MINDED Adrienne Bigley Fretz 515 Madison Avenue, 32nd Floor, New York 908-209-8445 | OnPointHR.com SUPERPOWER TRAIT: Seeing unconventional career opportunities Recruiting for HR-related positions for companies small and large means that I ask a lot of questions and listen intently – both to the client company and my candidates. For me, the magic is in getting to know the unique qualities, interests and needs of the company and the candidate, and sharing their stories with each other to open new possibilities. I receive the greatest joy bringing together talented people with new HR roles where they can reach their career goals, shape better work cultures and achieve better business outcomes. ONPOINT HR Vicki Popp-Jimenez 456 Springfield Avenue, Summit 908-967-6492 | vickipoppsalon.com SUPERPOWER TRAIT: Staying true to my vision I am very clear about where I want to go with my career. When I decided to open my own salon I understood I couldn't do it right away so I took the steps to eventually get there. It's been a long process but I concentrated on learning the business and figuring out how to get where I wanted to be. I started off small with just one person in addition to myself and grew my staff slowly, hiring one by one to ensure I would have the absolute best team. It takes time and patience and now five years later we are a thriving busy salon in beautiful downtown Summit. It was worth the wait. VICKI POPP SALON Photo by Timothy J. Connolly