34 / matters magazine / fall 2018 Finance of America Mortgage LLC 973-715-6446 | foamortgage.com/smaloney SUPERPOWER TRAIT: Customization of services As a mortgage loan originator, I help my clients with mortgage financing to either buy a new home or refinance their existing mortgage. This requires that I gather extensive financial information on my clients and recommend a solution for their specific needs. For my purchase clients, being positioned as a “strong buyer” can be critical as a financing package can be a deciding factor in whether or not they get the home. For refinance clients, being creative can be key. Some clients just want to lower their interest rate, while others need help re-structuring debt. No two people are alike so every package requires that I think outside the box and be solutions-oriented. I've done this highly-specialized work for more than 20 years and the best part is working with my clients to find solutions that are the right fit for them. SARAH MALONEY State Farm 499 Valley Street, Maplewood 973-761-4041 | christinecoster.com SUPERPOWER TRAIT: Energy Whatever I do in life, I bring an "all-in" mentality, and that applies to my business. Each day, I come to work with boundless energy for my clients, team, business operations and community activities. As an insurance agency with a highly personalized approach, my team and I can do what an app or a corporate 1-800 number can't. We've been part of the Maplewood community for 19 years, know our clients personally, and ensure they understand their home, auto, life, liability and business insurance to make educated decisions to protect themselves and their families. We support enriching community events and important causes, including RENT Party, Pridefest, Maplewoodstock, SOMA Film festival and the Cougar Boosters. Geralyn Robinson 103 Baker Street, Maplewood 973-275-1966 | geralynsartstudio.com SUPERPOWER TRAIT: Bringing joy to art For 15 years I've helped children, teens and adults have fun through art. Although I have a background in IT training, running an art studio is the job I've always wanted. I use the Montessori method and treat the children like adults, keeping the atmosphere relaxed to encourage students to discover their creativity, experiment, and make mistakes or happy accidents. I also organize painting and photography tours to Europe for adults. I have always been a doer but have learned that I can’t do it all. So, I work with wonderful professionals to assist me in the business including preparing the gallery space for shows. GERALYN'S ART STUDIO & GALLERY CHRISTINE COSTER