b"WE ARE NOW OPEN!- QUALITY MEATS & PROVISIONS -SMOKED MEATS HOMEMADE FOODSFRESH KIELBASA EUROPEAN SPECIALTY ITEMSMonday-Friday: 9am-6pm WE ARE NOW OPEN Saturday: 9am-4pm ON SUNDAYS!Sunday: 10am-1pm 1899 Springfield Ave.973-821-9430 Maplewood, NJ 07040Guests learn the art of homemade pasta.greets all of his guests and leads themmassagetreatmentsbythepoolsur-through the private Montecastelli winerounded by fields of lavender, or guests cellar, filled with over 2,000 bottles ofcan join in the harvest and pick and the best Italian wines. From there, theypress olives. Everyone shares commu-can hike through the mountains of thenal meals at long sprawling tables filled Montagnola, Tuscanys green lung andwith fresh cut flowers, but are encour-naturereserve,orgatherfresheggsagedtomakethistheirownunique fromthevillashens.Therearealsoexperience.Thevillaalsohasfour apartments of vary-ingsizesthatcan berented,allfilled withbeautifulan-tiquesandbreath-taking views.Its clear that Ru-ditz truly loves what shedoesandfeels motivated by bring-ing these new tastes, smells and sights to herguests.When I ask what her big-gestchallengesare in this business, she has to give it some thought.Ineedtohave reallygoodman-agementskills,she tells me. When Im runningthetrip, [it'sallabout]bal-Amy is grateful for the help she has balancing work with theancingeveryones needs of her family, Rain, Lulu and Rob (L to R).16/ matters magazine / fall 2019"