b'KEEP YOUR EYES ONFORGE THE PRIZEYOUR OWN PATHEQUATE To quote Thoreau, Go confidently in SUCCESS WITHthe direction of your dreams! Live the life youve imagined. This is exactly what I HOW WELL YOUhave done and where I got my inspiration SERVE OTHERS to open CKO Maplewood. Corporate events were my old life and I had two goals for my new lifemake a difference and achieve a work/life balance. Well I started my career as a dancer and italways have obstacles, doubts and fears, was in that label that I found my earlybut in the end it will all be worth it.identity. When my dancing career endedI couldnt be happier that I get to helpand I began in real estate, I realized thatso many people feel better about my identity wasnt in what I did but inthemselves while shaping their bodiesI was 23 years old with dreams of how I did it. Ive found that what reallyand their lives. starting my own design studio but also matters is how I am serving others, the fear that I was too younguntil I had giving back and living out my God-givenTARA CONNELL coffee with a friend who had recently purpose, no matter what the job title. started a successful public relations We all have our own unique race to run CKO MAPLEWOODcompany. She told me, There is no right and success for me is how well Ive served1933 Springfield Avenue, Maplewoodtime to start a business, and with that others and the impact our real estate973-996-8779|CKOMaplewood.com push I decided to give it a shot. I have business has had on our clients andonly looked forward since. Trust your community. instincts and dont be afraid to forge your own path.VANESSA POLLOCKRACHEL ZORELKELLER WILLIAMSPOLLOCK PROPERTIES GROUP 7 LAYER STUDIO518 Millburn Avenue, Short Hills515 Valley Street, Suite 2, Maplewood 917-723-4006917-599-6556 |7layerstudio.compollockpropertiesgroup.comwhat she says /31'