b'This Summer I will be a clown in the circus, dance in the sprinkler, ride a pony in a rodeo, sing songs around the campre, jump through hoops, view wildlife in my binoculars, play the saxophone, learn to downward dog, make ice cream, and send a rocket to the moon. You can too . For further Information, Directors: The ultimate or to sign upPaula Levin, Bill Deltzcamping experience contact Paula atand Donna Deltz for 3-7 year olds .farbrookminicamp@gmail.comAt last years festival, SouthNEXT founder and producer Stephen Schnall, second from left, joined other local leaders and two Seton Hall students in a closing event discussion on Mindfulness in our Community.Supporting the individual & creative growth roomatSetonHall,AngelaKariotissays. Urging people, even those whove of each child within a Jewish setting will lead SouthNEXT participants insufferedtrauma,toopenupabout REGISTRATION NOW OPEN FOR PRESCHOOL. Call for a tour. a series of exercises intended to buildthemselves can be tough, but the pro-Toddler TimePreschoolExtended DaySummer Camp community,guideurgentconversa- cess, she insists, is fun and joyful and Please contact Carol Paster, Director, at the Preschool Office tion,andinthefaceofseeminglydeep and urgent.973-763-4600cpaster@tstinj.orgoverwhelming current events, encour- Kariotis grew up in Irvington, pas-www.tsti.org432 Scotland Road, South Orange age a vision that allows for collectivesionate from the start about collabora-joy as the greatest act of resistance. Wetive creativity. I loved to write, but I instead of I. wassurroundedbypeoplewhowere We keep you smiling! In addition to her work with stu- into art and music and dancing, she dents,Kariotishasrunaseriesofexplains.Itcamenaturallytowork WalkingtheBeatprogramsbringingwith all the amazing work they were together police and high schoolers indoing. The daughter of Greek immi-Elizabeth, using theater to build un- grants, she was aware of the challenges Everyeffortismadetoderstanding between them in the hopefacingnewcomersandworkingpeo-ensuretheutmostcomfortofavertingviolence.Thesuccessofple, a sensitivity fostered by her chief for each patient.those sessions provided the model forchampion, her older brother Hercules.Enjoy a modern professionala program she and her partner ran thisNow a single mother of two daugh-environmentandacaringpast summer with the Los Angeles Po- ters,shehandlesapackedschedule staff. lice Department. closelymeshedwithfamily,friends, As a former faculty memberEveryone loves to be heard, shestudents, and co-creatives, drawing on of Fairleigh Dickinson Dentalall that to tell her School, Dr. Wisz now devotesown storyand all her time to private practice. to inspire others to tell theirs.Yourenot beingaskedto Wendy Wisz, DMD giveupyour own values," she said."Itsnot General, Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry aboutmeeting someonehalf-waywhenyou 250 Millburn Avenue | Millburn dont agree with 973-467-0077 them. Its about Saturdays and Evenings Available sharingwhere On site parking | Convenient location Offering SouthNEXT merchandise at the 2018 festival are organiz- yourecoming ers Celina Herrero and Peter Travers. from,howyou 44/ matters magazine / fall 2019'