b'A Glorious Collision of IdeasThe SouthNEXT Festival celebrates different views.BY ELAINE DURBACHSeton Hall communications professor and the-ater facilitator Angela Kariotis will be the keynote speaker on the second day of the SouthNEXT festival.R ight up there in Angela Kario- asferent events to attend, ranging from talks and musicoffthis year even more so. (See the list at the end of tisswebsitetitleyoucanseethis story.) Three of the main presenters happen heraim:angelakaRIOTis. tobewom-com. No destruction here, justen:Caren up-front, fearless fighting spir- Martineau, it.Thepoet-performer-teacherto acting performances and participatory art proj- whoiskicking actively pursues civil disorder,ects. And for the first time there will be a Saturdaytheprogram in being civil while smashing preconceptions. Andnight SOMA has Crazy Talent show, offering theonSaturday that is why the organizers of this years SouthNEXTreward of pride and prizes, with celebrity emceeswithashake-up Festival were so eager to have her as their keynoteand judges, according to the program.onhowwedeal speaker. Back in 2014, Schnall says, South Oranges lead- withmortal-Were talking about constructive collision, ex- ers decided they wanted to draw attention to theity;Kariotisas plains Stephen Schnall, the South Orange Trusteecommunitys rich cultural diversity. There was alsokeynotespeaker who is the founder and producer of the annual two- a desire to build the relationship with Seton HallonSunday,and day extravaganza. Its not about screaming and yell- University,tomakemoreofthetown-and-gownlegendaryfarm-ing, or provocation for the sake of provocation. Itsrelationship. The response from the university wasworker organizer about keeping our hearts open. quick and concretein financial terms and talent.DoloresHuerta The weekend of October 19 and 20 will be theAdding a third dimension, RWJ Barnabas Healthastheheadliner fifth iteration. As in previous years, participants also stepped up as a sponsor and has stayed involved. laterthatday.Legendary farm-worker organizer Dolores Huerta will be the head-audience is too passive a wordwill have 12 dif- Women have played a major role all along, andSchnall said thisliner on Sunday, October 19.42/ matters magazine / fall 2019'