b"Matters New Books from our WritersRoundabout is the first novel from Elaine Durbach and tells the story of lovers who meet in their youth and take into their 60s to finally find their blisstogether. It draws off her background of living in South Africa and New York and captures the fine details of everyday life, with all its conflict andcaring and desire to grow wiser. MAGAZINE Adrianna Donat published a children's book called TheMagazineofMaplewoodandSouthOrange The Mustache Fairy, illustrated by CHS 2019 grad Wil-liam Roth. What kind of facial hair will a little boy wish for when granted a wish from the Mustache Fairy? A contents portion of the profits are earmarked for the Movember Vol. 29 Issue 6 Fall 2019 Foundation, a group that encourages men to grow beards in November and donate to men's health issues.in every issue in this issueDear Daughter10 14An Unexpected Callinga note to madeline how amie ruditz found herself curating tuscan Events that Matter11 retreatsaround the towns 18Art No Matter WhatFood Matters22 the inner and outer lives of the artist sybilslow and tasty for the win archibaldShopping Matters39 24What She Saysexpert advice for the season local professionals give advice to theiryounger selvesCHS Archives: Energy to Serve40 42A Glorious Collision of Ideasa chs grad drives environmental change the southnext festival celebrates different viewsBook Report49 46Open Houseexplore our story topics open house schedules and advice from our private Resource Guide52 schools and preschoolslocal sources 48Costumes under CoverFinal Matters54 maplewood family keeps an annual halloween 40 ellen davenport reflects on a life secretin politics 50Filling the Hungry with Good Thingsa local charity reaches out to those in need on42 54 two continents1814508/ matters magazine / fall 2019"