b'WOMEN IN BUSINESS SPECIALSTAY TRUETO YOUR PURPOSEThe fitness industry is highly competitive. You cant be all things to all FOLLOWpeople. Know what it is you do well andSAY YES LESSYOUR stay true to that. You cant take yourself too seriously, but you have to takeTRUE LOVE the needs of your clients seriously. Put people first and your business will As women who are working in realgrow. You will make mistakeslearn estate and are also moms, we want to be I am from Venezuela where Ifrom them. Build a team of people whothere for everyoneour families, our experienced the tapestry of multiplecomplement your strengths andfriends, and our clients. We immerse cultures. I pursued a career in art historyweaknessesand can make you laugh. ourselves in our work and at home. We and preservation after traveling tomanage our kids sports and school Europe. In college I worked in a frameMINDY CATRON, TARA ROSCIOLIactivities, and volunteer for causes in our shop and continued in the industry after& GWEN VIGORITO community. We direct our families social graduation. It combined my interest inALIGN WELLNESS STUDIOlives, do the shopping, take our clients people and art with being able to workcalls always, and at the end of the day with my hands. I am the proud owner ofwere fulfilled. Theres always more10 East Willow Street, Millburn my frame shop and still love what drew973-376-4166we could do but weve learned to sayme into the business: the people and thealign-wellness-studio.com "yes" lessto focus our vision, follow our meaningful stories behind their art. passion and enjoy the fullness of each day. Ive created wonderful friendships andCAROL V. FARDIN & REBECCA inspired trust in my clients, who know WEDMIDI will take care of them and their pieces.KELLER WILLIAMS DAYANA MORENO MIDTOWN DIRECT REALTYMONA LISA FRAMING Carol:917-450-8843Rebecca: 201-600-4502 7 Highland Place, Maplewoodcvfbesthomesforyou.com973-762-2777|monalisaframing.com32/ matters magazine / fall 2019'