b'WOMEN IN BUSINESS SPECIALRELATIONSHIPS ARE KEYPUT YOURFAITH FIRSTKokoro means heart and spirit in Japanese. While the store has always been a side gig to my law practice and not-for-profit board activities, I am truly STOP BEINGgrateful for all the friends and SO AFRAID connections I have made through the store. As I get older, its amazing how connected we are to each other. So always treat everyone with respect and When I was starting out with my firstkindness. Stay in touch, follow up, career in video post-production, I caredsupport each other and never burn your a lot about how other people saw me andbridges. Relationships with heart are it held me back. I probably suffered fromkey to success in business and in life. imposter syndrome as well, and didnt explore new opportunities as much as ISUSAN ONUMA Its important for me to know that should have. As a photographer, Ivethere is a God who supports me and has learned to have the courage to takeKOKOROmore creative risks in order to keepgiven me a calling to impact other things interesting. I deliver what a client172 Maplewood Avenue, Maplewoodpeople in my life. Staying true to this hires me for, but I also give myself the(973) 378-7988calling requires me to be my authentic permission to experiment and toself, which exists far beyond my title, provide them with something out of thepossessions or personal successes. ordinary. It keeps me inspired andWhen I am faithful to the core of my focused. being, even when life doesnt go as planned, I learn that circumstances JOY YAGID dont define me. It helps me build the emotional intelligence and management JOY YAGID PHOTOGRAPHY to grow and succeed in my business. 201-657-6631|joyyagid.com LEAH DADEINDEPENDENT SALES DIRECTORMARY KAY973-985-6363 |marykay.com/ldade36/ matters magazine / fall 2019'