b'CREATEBALANCELOVE WHATYOU DOOwning a small business is all-encompassing so its easy to become overwhelmed. Luckily there are threeITS OKAYof us to take on the many wonderful TO ASK FORtasks that keep Studio 509 thriving.HELP Its all about creating balance: balance with each other, balance in our personal lives and even balance in the literal sense. Take one step at a time, put one When youre just starting out in afoot in front of the other, solve each career, you want to know everythingproblem as it comes and laugh, A LOT! right away. Of course, thats impossible,We definitely do!so you have to get comfortable asking others for help in order to grow andGUADA BAS, HOLLY BENGE &Before I was in real estate, I had make good decisions. Instead ofBETHANY PETTIGREW careers in the public and private appearing weak, it shows that youreSTUDIO 509sectors. The skills I acquired helpedhungry to learn. Ive been in the wealthme to grow a business I am still management business for 17 years and509 Valley Street, Maplewoodpassionate about today. I bring my Im still asking questions so I can hear973-275-0509|Studio509Fitness.com whole self into my work and am known what my clients need in order to deviseto be tenacious, thorough, and plans that help them reach their goals atresponsive. My ability to connect with each stage of life. peopleto be relatable and empatheticis one of my strongest traits, along LAUREN MIRMAN with being a solid advocate for my UBS PRIVATE WEALTHclients. Its true that if you love what you MANAGEMENT do, youll be great at what you do.51 JFK Parkway, Short HillsVICTORIA CARTER877-452-4344|lauren.mirman@ubs.comWEICHERT, REALTORS 505 Millburn Avenue, Short Hills 973-220-3050|victoriacarter.comwhat she says /27'